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  • Gabby Womack

Love Radio by Ebony LaDelle

A teen love story for the ages!

Rating: 5 stars

Genre: YA Romance

Representation: Black American teens, disability (side character)

Content Warnings: sexual assault, isolation, multiple sclerosis, caregiving


Love Radio is about a teen DJ named Prince and an aspiring author named Dani. Prince is known as DJ Love Jones on the air because he gives out sage love advice on the local radio station in Detroit. He may be good at giving that advice but struggles to follow it when he’s faced with his crush at the library. She’s been hard to approach for some time.

Dani is skeptical of Prince and pretty much all guys after a terrible experience she had last year. It’s even caused her writer’s block. She doesn’t know how she can tell anyone so she pulls away from her friends and family.

Will Prince be able to make her fall for him?


This is definitely one of the best YA Romance books I’ve ever read.

LaDelle writes about experiences such as sexual assault, being a teen caregiver, and MS with tenderness. This novel was like a hug. It felt so real.

Dani is very relatable and her parents are amazing. The love they show their daughter is so pure and supportive that I couldn’t get enough of them. Prince is the absolute ideal teen romantic interest. He’s sweet, compassionate, and generous despite all of the responsibilities he has.

I absolutely recommend this to anyone looking for some young Black love with depth.


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