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  • Gabby Womack

One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


August is kind of a drifter, but not in the cool rock n' roll kind of way. She's just trying to find a place that fits her. Hoping the stereotypically cold and busy NYC will swallow her up in anonymity, she finds an apartment. She expects to keep to herself but that proves impossible with her new eclectic roommates in Flatbush, mysterious co-workers, and her instant attraction to a gorgeous chick on the train named Jane. August's infatuation with her doesn't even seem to falter when she discovers that Jane's collection of cassette tapes isn't a quirk. Her crush is from the 1970s and can't seem to leave the train. (So much for going on a date!)

Armed with the investigative skills that her mom taught her, August makes it her mission to figure out how Jane got here and how to get her back.


Casey McQuiston somehow delivers an adorable love story, within a story of friendship with a supernatural twist without making it cheesy. I'm very impressed! Each character is unique, endearing, and funny. They are a chosen family and I found that comforting. I enjoyed learning more about August's backstory throughout the book and the glimpses into her roommates' backgrounds, too. If McQuiston writes a book from any of their perspectives, that will be an immediate must read for me! I almost felt like I was part of their crew as I read.

Something that sets this book apart from books I've read lately is that the ending didn't leave me with a bunch of questions about what August decides to do with her life or fast forward by a year or more in an epilogue. I have nothing against epilogues, I just found this ending to be unique and satisfying.


If any of what I shared above was intriguing to you, then you'll probably want to get this book. Will I reread it? Probably. This is a great book for those who are looking for a queer romance with a twist.

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