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  • Gabby Womack

Seven Days in June by Tia Williams

Rating: 5 stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance [Second-Chance]


Seven days to fall in love, fifteen years to forget, and seven days to get it all back again…

Tia Williams’ Seven Days in June follows writer Eva Mercy, a single mom juggling her tornado of a tween, her career as a “vampire erotica” author, and a secret personal battle. When reclusive, superstar novelist Shane Hall unexpectedly returns fifteen years after their torrid romance, she’s faced with another conundrum: What if the one who got away, came back? In just one week, her life gets (deliciously) turned upside down – raising the eyebrows of New York’s Black literati, and unearthing both of their explosive, buried pasts.

With its keen observations of creative life in America today, as well as the joys and complications of being a mother and a daughter, Seven Days in June is a hilarious, romantic, and sexy-as-hell story of two writers discovering their second chance at love.



I loved reading this book with my whole heart! Everyone kept hyping it up all Summer and I was worried I'd be disappointed. Once I got into chapter one, I knew I was hooked. Between Eva's thoughts and her daughter Audre's commentary, the writing felt vivid, witty, deep, and addictive. Eva is the product of tragic home life and painful chronic headaches. I felt for her big time because I happen to be suffering from a series of headaches (since contracting covid in January). Her relationship with Audre is what I hope to have one day if I have children! They are playful with one another, Audre can confide in her mom, and emotional intelligence is the name of the game.

She drifted off, helplessly endeared, forgetting that she was a stolen girl stealing moments in a stolen house---and sooner or later, she’d have to pay.

Williams did a wonderful job of pacing, introducing Shane, and revealing what happened between Eva and Shane all those years ago in June. Each character was developed and nuanced, even when they were only a narrator for a chapter or played a very minor role. I fell in love with Eva, Shane, and Audre and didn't want this book to end. Despite that, I think this novel was the perfect length. Honestly, I'd be overjoyed to see a film adaptation!

Some of my favorite moments were actually between Shane and Audre. They were so easy together in such a pure way and every conversation they had brought me joy. Audre was wise beyond her years but still held on to her innocence and need for her mom. So many gems!! Eva's mentor/friend Cece had me cackling quite a few times because her voice was so perfect. My favorite line by her is connected to a conversation between her and Michelle Obama. You'll know it when you see it! (No spoilers here, friends)

Like when Spotify plays a song you haven't heard since childhood, and it reminds you who you are. Like “Oh yeah, I’m a person who knows all the words to Will Smith's ‘Wild Wild West.'

Heads up for those with a sensitivity to absent parents and foster homes, this may be hard to get through at times. It was worth it for me, but I understand if you'd rather skip those parts.


Am I obsessed with this book? Yes. Do I plan to reread it? Also yes. If you aren't into sugary sweet romances and want something with extra depth, this is the book for you.


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