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  • Gabby Womack

American Dreamers by Adriana Ferrera

Rating: 5 stars

Spice: 🔥🔥🔥🔥


No one ever said big dreams come easy

For Nesto Vasquez, moving his Afro-Caribbean food truck from New York City to the wilds of Upstate New York is a huge gamble. If it works? He’ll be a big fish in a little pond. If it doesn’t? He’ll have to give up the hustle and return to the day job he hates. He’s got six months to make it happen—the last thing he needs is a distraction.

Jude Fuller is proud of the life he’s built on the banks of Cayuga Lake. He has a job he loves and good friends. It’s safe. It’s quiet. And it’s damn lonely. Until he tries Ithaca’s most-talked-about new lunch spot and works up the courage to flirt with the handsome owner. Soon he can’t get enough—of Nesto’s food or of Nesto. For the first time in his life, Jude can finally taste the kind of happiness that’s always been just out of reach.

An opportunity too good to pass up could mean a way to stay together and an incredible future for them both…if Nesto can remember happiness isn’t always measured by business success. And if Jude can overcome his past and trust his man will never let him down. - TheStoryGraph



I enjoyed this book more than I expected. One of my favorite authors Elizabeth Acevedo recommended this book on a tv interview a few years back and I’m so glad I put it on my TBR after that.

Jude and Nesto are wonderful characters and extremely lovable. Herrera gave them realistic personalities, backstories, and great character development. Their chemistry was undeniable and the author made sure to pack this book with ample spicy sex scenes! (I’m talking 🔥🔥🔥🔥)The audiobook added a little extra something because the narrator had such a sexy voice when he read Nesto’s sections. I highly recommend a listen on the Libby app!

As a librarian, I love that Jude works at the library and wants to start a bookmobile program! Nesto’s food truck had me excited because the menu sounded delicious. I’d love if Herrera put those recipes online. Of course there had to be a Karen type nearby. That‘s to be expected when Black and Brown people are thriving anywhere. Every time things were going well, I thought, “oh lord, where is she? She‘s definitely gonna do her best to ruin this.”

I’m now a fan of Herrera’s and will be reading the rest of the books in this series. I recommend this book to folx looking for a MLM romance with plenty of smut!


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