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  • Gabby Womack

May Reading Wrap-Up

I finally have some time to share my May reading wrap-up! I got married this June and the planning has been all-consuming for so long that I'm kind of in shock now that it's over. (I'll post a little about my wedding later.)

The Stats

Last month, I read 7 books (2,625 pgs; 54.5 hours) with 75% of them by & about Black, Filipinx, & Palestinian folks & 25% by & about white folks. The majority of books I read in May were Historical, in nature. 1 History book, 3 Historical Romance, and 1 Historical Fiction/Literary Fiction book. I also read a book of essays.

Mini Reviews

The Hundred Years' War on Palestine by Rashid Khalidi

Incredible detail in an accessible format. Khalidi’s insight is invaluable in understanding the current Palestinian geno*id*. He shares why past efforts as peace have failed as well as a recommendation for how Palestine and Israel can move forward. I especially appreciate that Khalidi does this without distancing himself from the region in an attempt to appear neutral. Longer review to come!!

How to Read Now by Elaine Castillo

One of my favorite books for 2024, thus far! Castillo presents her thoughts on everything from the exclusionary & racist world of publishing to white fantasy’s use of BIPOC oppression & our representation in media. I recommend this book to avid readers, activists, & academics. Full review to follow!

Black Cake by Charmaine Wilkerson

An emotional gut punch but I didn’t want it to end. Black Cake follows estranged siblings as they learn the secrets of their mother’s life following her passing. A parent not sharing the story of their past until after death feels super Caribbean to me. Our parents are often tight-lipped & strict. I love the multiple povs & switching between past & present.

Hathor & the Prince by J.J. McAvoy

She’s done it again! I loved this new addition to the DuBell’s series. If Aphrodite is the family beauty, then Hathor is the family hater. It’s hard to outdo her older sister but she’ll manage if she can marry a prince! I love a good enemies to lovers story. Hathor & the Prince had similar vibes to Queen Charlotte (Bridgerton series) so if you loved that intensity & drama, give this novel a try.

The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N.K. Jemisin

N.K. Jemisin never misses!! I’m so happy I finally started this series. In this Fantasy, we join Yeine Darr as she arrives in the city of Sky after her mom suddenly dies. Yeine is declared an heiress to the throne, but there’s a catch. She must compete against other heirs for the  crown & her life. This is a wild start to a series!! The gods & their lore are fascinating. I’ve already started on book 2!

The Duke & I by Julia Quinn

A good start to a series, but these two (MCs) were hella annoying! Most gentlemen don’t see Daphne as a romantic interest & Simon is entirely uninterested in a wife & children. So naturally, he “pretends” to dig Daphne to avoid societal standards & make his peers reconsider her. Simon has hella daddy issues & that made much of the focus of this romance on Daphne trying to get him to let go.

The Viscount Who Loved Me by Julia Quinn

I’m not sure if this was better than book one. As the eldest Bridgerton, Anthony knows that part of his responsibility is to marry & produce heirs. He uses his mental checklist in search of a wife & zeroes in on Edwina, the beauty of the season. Queue another enemies-to-lovers with a twist: He’s feeling her older sister Kate! Although I learned to understand where Anthony’s fears stem from, I’m not a fan of how he treats Kate & this just wasn’t enjoyable for me. I guess I just feel like making these books so realistic (men-wise) has made them less romantic to me because I don’t find misogyny attractive…

Suffice it to say, I'm not interested in reading the rest of the books now.


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[ID: lush butterfly garden in the background of all slides. Slide 1 - bookish afrolatina’s May wrap-up, books read: 7, pages read: 2,625, hours listened: 54.5; Author Stats: 75% books by & about Black, Filipinx, & Palestinian folks, 25% by & about white folks. Slide 2 - mini review. Book cover of The Hundred Years War on Palestine on the right & review on the left. Slide 3 - mini review. Book cover for How To Read Now on the left & review on the right. Slide 4 - mini review. Book cover of Black Cake on the right & review on the left. Slide 5 - mini review. Book cover of Hathor & the Prince on the left & review on the right. Slide 6 - mini review. Book cover of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms on the right & review on the left. Slide 7 - mini review. Book cover of The Duke & I on the left & review on the right. Slide 8 - mini review. Book cover of The Viscount Who Loved me on the right & review on the left. Slide 9 - REMINDER Dima & her family still need our help. Screenshot of Dima’s gofundme page with pictures of her family in the center. LINK IN BIO. DONATE AND/OR SHARE THIS CAMPAIGN!]


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