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  • Gabby Womack

March Reading Wrap-up

It’s time for my March Reading Wrap-up!

Gabby wearing braids and a black face mask as she poses in front of yellow and white orchids. Text above her: March wrap-up.
Me, in the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C.


Books Read: 6, Pages Read: 1,761, Hours Listened: 40.5

Author Stats: 83% books by & about Black, Latine, & Palestinians; 17% by a white author

Genres: 16.7% Literary Fiction, 16.7% Non-fiction, 16.7% Historical Fiction, 16.7% Romance, 33.3% Fantasy

I mostly read these books via audiobook & print. I’m proud that half of these books were from my physical tbr & the other half was from the library.

What I Read:

This Could Be Us by Kennedy Ryan

I loved this book for so many reasons! The Afro-Puerto Rican & Autistic representation was created with care. Plus we get to see 2 parents come together & genuinely support one another. The chemistry between Soledad & Judah is electric!!! If you love romance w/ drama & depth, this is a great pick.

The Follower of Flowers by Natalia Hernandez

Even though it took me a while to finish this book (due to mood reader distractions), The Follower of Flowers had me in a chokehold. It’s even better than the 1st book of the series w/ more found family, romance, magic, & intrigue! That cliffhanger had me like, “NOOOOO!” I need book 3 immediately.

Lore of the Wilds by Analeigh Sbrana

I totally thought this was going to be a YA Romantasy! It’s New Adult 😅 I loved the all Black cast, the magic, & the “lore.” Sbrana’s descriptions of each character’s skin, hair, & faces made me feel appreciation for myself. I’m very excited for book 2!

Minor Detail by Adania Shibli

I shared a review for this novel last week so please check that out! Minor Detail was a powerful short read split into 2 parts. While the descriptions of the events on the page don’t seem emotionally charged, I couldn’t help but empathize w/ the women in both parts of the story. Please take care when reading this book. Take breaks & ground yourself.

Queer Ducks (And Other Animals) by Eliot Schrefer

I saw this book on display last year at the American Library Association Conference & immediately added it to my TBR. It’s a fascinating nonfiction read that validated my feeling that humans put way too much emphasis on what’s “natural” when it comes to sexuality. It also includes funny little cartoons! The audiobook is great, too.

The Diablo’s Curse by Gabe Cole Novoa

I love this book!! Queer pirates & castaways, 19th- Century New England & Latine representation. I love the historical elements & the audiobook was perfect, thanks to Vico Ortiz. Anyway, this book is sort of a follow-up to This Wicked Bargain, in case you were wondering.


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