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  • Gabby Womack

How to Find a Princess (#2 The Runaway Royals) by Alyssa Cole

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


How to Find a Princess is the unconventional story of Makeda Hicks, a New Jersey perfectionist down on her luck, and Beznaria Chetchevaliere, an unorthodox junior investigator from the World Federation of Monarchists (WFM). Everything seems to be falling apart around Makeda and she must move into her Grandmore’s Bed and Breakfast. The director of the WFM tasks Beznaria with finding the lost Ibaranian princess. ⁠

With no time left to spare, Beznaria investigates one last claim before her flight back to the WFM. Grandmore had revealed to her scandalous story of a romantic affair with the supposed heir to the Ibaranian thrown many years ago to her daughter and granddaughter and decides to send it to the WFM. As Makeda spent much of her life bearing the brunt of her mother’s obsession with being royalty, the mysterious visitor’s identity is unwelcome. Suddenly, this self-prescribed helper must learn to enforce her limits and understand her worth, while stuck on a cargo ship with Bez heading to “her kingdom.” Is she really the princess? She doesn’t know and she doesn’t want to be. ⁠


The second installment of Alyssa Cole’s Runaway Royals series is refreshing, silly, and heartfelt. The characters felt so real and their personalities were unique. Beznaria’s observations often made me giggle out loud. Makeda, however, felt like someone had copied and pasted my personality onto a fictional character. She struggles with finding a balance between dedicating her life to helping others and developing the strength to enforce her boundaries. ⁠

The chemistry between Makeda and Bez was electric and adorable. Although there is a bit of a romance trope in this book, the resolution kind of makes up for that. I recommend this book because it weaves the psychological concepts of survival and loneliness with the lightness of romance.⁠

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