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  • Gabby Womack

Honey Girl by Morgan Rogers

Rating: 4.5/5


Grace Porter just woke up in a bed by herself in Vegas with a note from her...wife? This is not what Porters do. She just earned her Ph.D. in Astronomy and went to Las Vegas with some friends to celebrate. So how did she end up married to a mysterious and gorgeous stranger?

At home Porter realizes that her life after 11 years of school isn’t turning out as planned and, in a sort of panic, decides to “take a break” and get to know her mysterious wife Yuki Yamamoto in New York City. However, this trip can’t completely distract her from the pressures of being the best because that’s what Porters do. She must work twice as hard and push until she gets what she wants, right?

This is a story about burnout, monsters, race, relationships, and love.


This book was relatable on so many levels for me. We are both from Florida and 29-year-old academics of mixed backgrounds dealing with burnout and creating our own paths for our careers. So a lot of her descriptions of being ignored, undervalued, and feeling a ton of pressure really resonated with me. At times, I felt really frustrated with her choices because of that. Grace Porter’s friends are adorable and I wish they would be my friends!! Her relationship with each of them feels so warm and comfortable on the page. Yuki Yamamoto is a fascinating character. I could read a book similar to this one from her perspective.


I loved reading this book in, both, print and as an audiobook. The narrator’s voice was so smooth. I recommend this book to young adults and anyone who feels like they are behind on their life goals.


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